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w h e r e t h e c i t y i s y o u r s .

Welcome to seoulsquares, the open and friendly Non-AU fully anonymous OOC Community for the seoulcircle community.

1. Drama is okay, but please deal with it in a very mature manner. Don't come running to the mods for a very tiny problem, because we have our own set of drama too and cannot be bothered with yours. :) Unless, it gets out of hand, of course, in which you can approach any of the mods and they'll be very willing to help.
2. Claim as many muses as you can, just as long as you can keep every single one of them active. Don't claim two muses from the same band, because if you do, that would be very selfish and you'll become a laughing stock among all the people, yes.
3. Post in your journal or in the community at least once a month, so we can know if you're still active.
4. Respect one another, and be nice. Cliques are never nice; it's good to have a very tight-knit group but it's always more fun if you speak to the people you don't normally speak to, right?
5. No metagaming, god-modding, or any of the sort. Please and thank you.
6. AIM is needed in order to have communication with one another.
7. That is all, please enjoy your stay here, because we plan to be a very active and friendly community. :)

-> If you drop, you are given at least one week to reclaim if ever you change your mind.
-> If you're going on a hiatus, be sure to post in this community and don't just randomly disappear.

Also, if you want, you can join [Unknown LJ tag] for the lulz. :D

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